Who Are Ya? Who Are Ya?

Red Card Radio is a pretty simple weekly sports talk radio show.  Three long-time soccer fans get together on a weekly basis to give their opinions about the last week in the world of the beautiful game.


John Haggerty

John is a freelance writer and consultant on international sports.  Although football, and specifially Manchester United, is his first an foremost passion, he is also rugby union and GAA with almost equal fervor.  The author of one soon-to-be released novel, he is actively working on his second book “Tattoos Hurt & Latex Doesn’t Breath: A collection of stories overheard in Irish-American pubs” and is always on the look out for new stories.  John lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota with his girlfriend and daughter, along with thier two dogs.

Brian Torkkola

Brian is a training consultant and football journalist.  What began as an off-season sport in grade school erupted into a full-blown addiction after living in Denmark in the late 80’s.  Since following Peter Schmeichel from Brøndby to Manchester United, his love of Manchester United and the beautiful game has grown deeper each year.  He is a frequent Red View Author on OneUnitedUSA and has been published on the 12 O’Clock Blog on ManUtd.com.  Brian lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota with his wife, Jill, along with their own squirrel arch-nemesis, Reilly the fox terrier.

Matt Edens

Matt Edens is just a tech guy who happens to like footy.  He has performed with numerous musical projects in Minnesota and Wisconsin and is currently working on producing his third screenplay.  He dislikes mayonnaise, ketchup and John Terry.


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